Legal Challenge IV Winners

One Stone

Cherry, James
One Stone, LC IV Semifinalist
London, UK
Simon, Gabriella
Associate Solicitor at Powell Gilbert
London, UK

Best Oralist

One Stone

Simon, Gabriella
Associate Solicitor at Powell Gilbert
London, UK

Best Memorandum for Claimant

The Board

Ostoja-Ciemny, Kajetan
The Board, LC IV Semifinalist
Warsaw, Poland
Zalewski, Jakub
Legal Counsel at GOG
Warsaw, Poland
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Best Memorandum for Respondent

Queendom Hearts

Balcells, Danae
Queendom Hearts, LC IV Semifinalist
Barcelona, Spain
Harvey, Daniel
Queendom Hearts, LC IV Semifinalist
London, UK
Sarlangue, Emmanuelle
Queendom Hearts, LC IV Semifinalist
Paris, France
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Students currently actively enrolled in their Bachelor or Master programs, as well as graduates from such programs may take part in Legal Challenge IV, provided they have graduated not more than 3 years before applying for participation. Teams consisting of 1 to 3 persons are invited to take part in the challenge. The finalists of the previous editions of the Legal Challenge are not allowed to take part in Legal Challenge IV.

Legal Challenge gives students and young graduates a unique chance to apply their professional knowledge in the games industry law, and to the 4 teams that qualify to the semifinals – the opportunity to meet in person some of the most talented legal and business development professionals from the international games industry around the world.

All members of the 4 teams that qualify to the semifinals of Legal Challenge IV will have their registration fees for the Games Industry Law Summit paid in full by the organizers (€700 per person) to enjoy full access to the event, including the Formal Dinner, as well as have their accommodation at the four-star Hotel Vilnia fully covered for the 3 nights of the event (May 4 through May 7). During the award ceremony, each member of the 4 teams receives a diploma of recognition signed by every member of the Judge Panel as well as by the Mayor of Vilnius, in addition to the custom-made commemorative trophies.

We welcome both students and graduates; therefore, the team does not necessarily have to be related to any university. Furthermore, the team can be composed of students and graduates from different faculties or universities.

We appreciate the individual contribution of each participant, that is why we encourage you to form and administer teams on your own. At the same time, if you would like to have someone mentoring you through the challenge, such a person will be invited to Games Industry Law Summit 2021 and will be included into the team headcount, but will not be permitted to plead.

The team wishing to take part in Legal Challenge IV shall fill in registration form (available here) and shall pay *a non-refundable* registration fee in the amount of EUR 50 (payment instructions will be emailed after registration). Last chance to register in the challenge is January 15th, 2020.

In the first part of the challenge, the teams are expected to submit a memorandum for claimant and a memorandum for respondent; in the second part, 4 teams that receive the highest score for the first part will take part in oral pleadings.

Time changes, love ages, and even the best friends become enemies. Publishers and developers in the video games industry are the frequent heroes of love stories that end up in court. The list of possible reasons for that is endless. This year we focus on two of them: royalties and developer technology. Competing teams will solve a conundrum of royalty calculations. They will also experience the constant headache of every video games industry counsel, trying to figure out what a ‘developer’s technology’ is, as well as extricating themselves from the thorny rules applicable to derivative works and open-source software.

Presiding Judge

Chung, Brian🌳
Partner at Kim & Chang
Seoul, Korea


Arkhipov, Vladislav
Of Counsel at Dentons
St. Petersburg, Russia
Gardner, Paul
Partner at Wiggin
London, UK
Kane, Sean F.
Co-Chair of Interactive Entertainment Group at Frankfurt Kurnit
New York, US
Karamanolis, Yiannis
Managing Director at Karamanolis
Nicosia, Cyprus
Kelly, Jennifer
Attorney at Tyz Law Group PC
San Francisco, US
Kobylańska, Anna
Partner at KL&M Law
Warsaw, Poland
Nemova, Katya
Deputy General Counsel at Wargaming
Vilnius, Lithuania
Pagnanelli, Karin
Partner at MSK
Los Angeles, US
Schmid, Gregor
Equity Partner at TaylorWessing
Berlin, Germany
Stanley, Jennifer
Partner at Fenwick
San Francisco, US
Zanin, Roman🌳
General Counsel, Tax & Compliance at Wargaming
Nicosia, Cyprus