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TBA, 2018

The case is published

TBA, 2018

Final deadline for submissions

TBA, 2018

5 finalists announced in no particular order

TBA, 2018

Winners announced during Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Last year’s Jury

S. Gregory Boyd
Partner at Frankfurt Kurnit
New York, US
Greg Pilarowski
Partner at Pillar Legal
San Francisco, US
Ekaterina Nemova
Head of Legal & Business Practice at Wargaming
Vilnius, LT
Paul Gardner
Partner at Wiggin
London, UK
Roman Zanin
General Counsel at Wargaming
Nicosia, CY
Tobias Schelinski
Partner at TaylorWessing
Hamburg, DE

Prize Fund

1st place

€1,000 (bank transfer)
plus the entry ticket to the Summit (non-transferable).

2nd place

€500 (bank transfer)
plus the entry ticket to the Summit (non-transferable).

3rd – 5th place

Entry ticket to the Summit


Games Industry Law Summit 2018’s Legal Challenge finalists (will be listed here in alphabetical order):

The exact places awarded to these finalists will be announced at the Summit, on the second day (actual final grades range from 5.33 to 7.33 out of 10), with the 1st place receiving a prize of €1,000 and the 2nd place receiving €500.

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To enter the challenge, you must submit a document (.DOC, .DOCX) that answers the question posed at the end of the summary of the facts of the case. The document should be written in ENGLISH. The minimum volume is 10,000 characters (with spaces), the maximum volume is 25,000 characters (with spaces). Submissions must be sent via the form below. Submissions that do not fit the requirements of volume / format are rejected. Or fill the form on this page.

Terms of Participation

You must be 18 years or older, and considered an “adult” according to the country of your residence. You must be a student of law or have a law degree. Members of the jury as well as organizers of the Summit cannot participate. You must participate under your own full name, anonymous submissions will not be accepted. By submitting your entry, you give the organizers of the Summit the right to make your work public, attributing such entry to your own full name.

If you have a question related to this Legal Challenge, you can reach the organizers by sending an email to Sergei. Please note that only questions related to the procedure can be addressed at this time. Questions on the substance of the case are not accepted.