In the document below, you will find the facts of the 2017 case. Please note that while all the names, countries, and other personal circumstances have been replaced to protect the privacy of the participants, the substantial details of this case are based on the actual disputes that recently happened, have been litigated in a court of law, and ended with a number of rulings that came into force. As such, this case requires a practical approach that you would normally display when working on a real case under similar circumstances.

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Games Industry Law Summit 2017’s Legal Challenge finalists (listed here in alphabetical order):

  • K. Bańbura (PL)
  • E. Fava (IT)
  • N. Parkhimovich (BY)
  • K. Riley (US)
  • Y. Yefanau (UK)

If you have a question related to this Legal Challenge, you can reach the organizers by sending an email to Sergei. Please note that only questions related to the procedure can be addressed at this time. Questions on the substance of the case are not accepted.

Presented by

Organized by


Boyd S., Gregory
Co-Chair Interactive Entertainment at Frankfurt Kurnit
New York, US
Pilarowski, Greg
Founding Partner at Pillar Legal
San Francisco, US
Nemova, Katya
Deputy General Counsel at Wargaming
Vilnius, Lithuania
Gardner, Paul
Partner at Wiggin
London, UK
Zanin, Roman
General Counsel, Tax & Compliance at Wargaming
Nicosia, Cyprus
Schelinski, Tobias
Partner at TaylorWessing
Hamburg, Germany

1st place

€1,000 (bank transfer)
plus the entry ticket to the Summit (non-transferable).

Yefanau, Yahor
General Counsel at Vizor
Limassol, Cyprus

2nd place

€500 (bank transfer)
plus the entry ticket to the Summit (non-transferable).

Parkhimovich, Nastassia
Finalist at Legal Challenge 2017
Minsk, BY

3rd – 5th place

Entry ticket to the Summit

Banbura, Kacper
Owner at Better Gaming Agency
Warsaw, Poland
Fava, Emanuele
Associate at Andrea Rizzi & Partners
Milan, Italy
Riley, Kathleen
Legal Challenge 2017 Finalist
Chapel Hill, US