In-house attendees at Games Industry Law Summit 2023

This year, 50% of the Summit’s attendees are the in-house counselsEach studio attendee already has experience in the games industry (a must!), and most work in roles that involve collaboration with development teams (internally) and law firm experts (externally). In other words, they are no strangers to communication, and not just the legal bookworms who can tell the difference between a DNA and an NDA.

Since some studios organise their teams around specific projects, some – around area of law (such as privacy, IP or licensing), and some – based on the region (such as Europe, US or Asia), different in-house attendees have different focus (sometimes it’s clear from their position, though in most cases it isn’t). The flag next to the name on this page signifies the current location, not the focus (we have people who are based in Cyprus, but focused globally; or based in Ireland, but focused on EMEA, und so weiter und so fort).

Currently, we have 135 in-house attendees representing 93 studios. In terms of countries these attendees are based in, the in-house group is a bit more diverse (42) than the law firms (39) – with 3 additional countries represented: 🇧🇾 Belarus, 🇩🇰 Denmark, and 🇮🇸 Iceland.

Special icons in the list:
🌳 – Super Pass holders (here’s the report on the birdhouses deployed in 2023)
🎙 – Speaker (updated as we develop the program)

11 Bit Studios

Gadomski, Tomasz
Legal expert at 11 Bit Studios
Ostaszewska-Żarska, Agnieszka
Legal Lead at 11 Bit Studios

Activision Blizzard

Duhen, Willy
Senior Director, Legal at Activision Blizzard

ArchonPH / Backpack Games

Erkin, Ali🌳
Co-Founder & CEO at Backpack Games / ArchonPH


Ontas, Ali
VP Legal Business at Azerion

Bandai Namco

Baba, Naohito
Corporate Counsel at Bandai Namco
Bastos, Tamires
Corporate Counsel at Bandai Namco
Choe, Alex
Corporate Counsel at Bandai Namco
Datum, Matthew
General Manager at Bandai Namco
d’Ornano, Stephanie
Legal Manager at Bandai Namco
Jammes, Anne-Sophie
Chief Legal Officer at Bandai Namco
Orozco, Rafael
Sr. Director, Legal at Bandai Namco
Takimoto, Saki
Attorney at Bandai Namco

Belka Games

Rudko, Katerina
Administrative Director at Belka Games

Build A Rocket Boy

Higgins-Sierra, Sarah
Assistant General Counsel at Build A Rocket Boy

CCP Games

Högnadóttir, Steinlaug
Legal Counsel at CCP Games
Kattoll, Jochen
Senior Director Legal at CCP Games


Jarosz-Zgoda, Ewelina
VP of Legal & General Counsel at CD PROJEKT RED
Krassowski, Adam
Senior Legal Counsel at CD PROJEKT RED
Palinska, Kinga
Senior Legal Counsel at CD PROJEKT RED
Piechówka, Anna
Lead Counsel, Business & IP at CD PROJEKT RED

Crystal Dynamics

Finkelstein, Brian
General Counsel at Crystal Dynamics

Devolver Digital

Chadwick, Brian
General Counsel at Devolver Digital


Boije, Cecilia
Legal Director at Eidos
Cheviron, Valentine
Lawyer at Eidos

Embark Studios

Axel-Nilsson, Johan
General Counsel at Embark Studios

Embracer Group

Hedman, Tomas
Head of Privacy & AI Governance at Embracer Group

Epic Games

Jackiw, Suzanne
Counsel at Epic Games
Kloczko, Rafal
Deputy General Counsel at Epic Games
Page, Kayla
Deputy General Counsel at Epic Games
Pearce, Shanna
Managing Counsel at Epic Games
Pence, Canon
General Counsel at Epic Games
Sakolchyk, Tamara
Business & Compliance at Epic Games


Pakendorf, Kurt
Chief Legal Officer at ESL FACEIT Group


Faguer, Alix
Senior legal counsel at FIFA


Simula, Tomi
General Counsel at Fingersoft

Focus Entertainment

Nauts, Julie
Business affair legal counsel at Focus Entertainment

Fortis Games

Bethke, Damian
General Counsel at Fortis Games
Bingcang, Pamela
Director Legal - Video Games at Fortis Games

Fulqrum Games

Gruca, Michał
Legal Counsel at Fulqrum Games

Funcom / the Outsiders

Van Dyke, Jessica
Senior Legal Counsel at Funcom

Gaijin Entertainment

Mirgorodskaia, Aleksandra
Senior Legal Counsel at Gaijin Entertainment

Game Insight

Avetikov, Sergey
Prokurator at Game Insight

Gearbox Entertainment

Mallory, Nate
Chief Legal Officer at Gearbox Entertainment


Kołodziejczyk, Ola
Legal & Tax Team Lead at GOG
Zalewski, Jakub
Legal Counsel at GOG

Hitapps Inc

Shved, Alena
General Counsel at Hitapps Inc.

Huuuge Games

Kulińska, Wioletta
Senior Counsel at Huuuge Games
Pietryga Magdalena
Senior Counsel at Huuuge Games

Homa Games

Giraud, Jessica
General Counsel at Homa Games


Macdonald, Andy
Head of Legal at JAGEX

Kepler Interactive

Campbell, Archi
Director of Legal at Kepler Interactive

Keywords Studios

Kennedy, Andrew
General Counsel & Company Secretary at Keywords Studios


Temple-Morris, Suzanna🌳
Head of Legal at King


Goodall, Daniel
General Counsel at Kwalee
Mehta, Romil
Legal Counsel at Kwalee

Lockwood Publishing

Brateanu, Iulia
Head of Legal at Lockwood Publishing

Maximum Entertainment

Miller, Andrew
Sole In-house Counsel at Maximum Entertainment

Metacore Games

Lehtinen, Pasi
Legal Counsel at Metacore Games
Salminen, Janne
General Counsel at Metacore Games


Richards, Ben
Corporate Counsel at Microsoft
Ritchie, Lisa
Director at Cordillera


Hei, Hongbo
Legal Director at miHoYo


Yazdani, Sam
Legal Counsel at Miniclip

Moon Active

Hook, Shana🌳
General Counsel at Moon Active
Mikhnevich, Viktoryia
Legal Director at Moon Active


Martin, Tim
Counsel at nDreams

NetEase Games

Lee, David
VP, Legal at NetEase Games

Netflix Games

Li, Chia-Chi
VP Games Legal at Netflix Games
Perng, Yan
Counsel at Netflix Games

Pearl Abyss

Lee, Kipeum
Legal Counsel at Pearl Abyss

People Can Fly

Dunin-Wilczyńska, Karolina
General Counsel at People Can Fly
Gebel, Monika
Senior Legal Counsel at Tripledot Studios
Przelaskowska, Dorota
Senior Legal Counsel at People Can Fly


Adamson King, Stephanie
General Counsel at Playco


Pimpe, Yulia
General Counsel at Playrix
Soudakov, Egor
IP, Privacy & Product compliance Lead at Playrix


Bernstein, Ronit
Deputy GC at Playtika
Tuval, Adi
Senior Director of Legal Affairs at Playtika
Zimmer, Cordula
Head of Legal at Wooga / Playtika

Remedy Entertainment

Hautamäki, Henrik
Head of Legal at Remedy Entertainment
Kovarskyte, Ieva
Legal Director at Remedy Entertainment

Resolution Games

Waltré, Ebba
General Counsel at Resolution Games

Riot Games

Draper, Amelie
Legal Counsel, EMEAI+ at Riot Games
Erozan, Boğaç
Managing Senior Legal Counsel at Riot Games
Li, Qihui
Senior Legal Counsel at Riot Games
Nabel, Dan🌳
Sr. Director, Associate General Counsel at Riot Games
Nelson, Greg
Senior Counsel at Riot Games
Zhao, Emi
Director at Riot Games
Sun, Luyi
Senior Legal Counsel at Riot Games


Reinstra, Mark
General Counsel at Roblox

Rovio Entertainment

Korkiavaara, Joonas
Legal Counsel at Rovio Entertainment

Savvy Games

Houhou, Feras
General Counsel at Savvy Games


Boujbel, Hajer
Senior Counsel at Scopely
Rosenthal, Roy
Chief Legal Officer at Scopely


Finegold, Daniel
Director of Legal & Business Affairs at SEGA Europe
Höppel, Andreas
Head of Legal at SEGA Corporation
Pdahtzur, Ilan
Head of Legal at SEGA Europe
Shieh, Jeffrey
Executive Vice President, Head of Legal & Business Affairs at SEGA of America

Smilegate Holdings, Inc.

Lim, Eiji
Head of Legal Team 2 at Smilegate Holdings, Inc.
Park, Kyuyoung
Head of Legal Team 1 at Smilegate Holdings, Inc.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Grouse, Eric
VP & Deputy General Counsel, EMEA at Sony Interactive Entertainment

Square Enix

Thornton, Jamie
Senior Legal Counsel at Square Enix
Wilches, Alberto
Senior Counsel at Square Enix

Sumo Group

Dempsey, Anna
Senior Group Lawyer at Sumo Group
Repa-Davies, Tim
General Counsel & Company Secretary at Sumo Group


Chang, Dave
Senior Legal Counsel at Supercell
Fagerström, Celia
Senior Legal Counsel at Supercell
Ignatius, Markku
General Counsel at Supercell
Partanen, Hannu
Associate General Counsel at Fortis Games


Milik-Pękała, Kamila🌳
Head of Tax & Legal at SUPERHOT

SYBO Games

Schweitzer, Elizabeth
Games Compliance Manager at SYBO Games
Toft, Signe
General Counsel at SYBO Games

Take-Two Interactive

Cox, Kirsty
Legal Counsel at Take-Two Interactive
Horman, Lauren Anna
Corporate Counsel at Take-Two Interactive
Murfett, Nic
Vice President & Counsel at Take-Two Interactive

Ten Square Games

Skwara-Beska, Marta
Head of Legal at Ten Square Games


Hu, Annie
Deputy Legal Director at Tencent
Wang, Siyuan
Senior Legal Counsel at Tencent

Travian Games

Müller, Gertraud Elisabeth
Legal Counsel at Travian Games

Tripledot Studios

Janiszewski, Aleksander
General Counsel at Tripledot Studios

Valve Corporation

Ewert (Dr.), Jan-Peter
European Legal Counsel at Valve

Vizor Games

Luchyts, Eugene
Legal Counsel at Vizor Games
Yefanau, Yahor
General Counsel at Vizor


Firsava, Darya
Head of Intellectual Property Practice at Wargaming
Lefter, Elena
Head of Legal and Business Practice at Wargaming
Nemova, Katya
Deputy General Counsel at Wargaming
Yaromenka, Palina
Intellectual Property Counsel at Wargaming
Zanin, Roman
General Counsel, Tax & Compliance at Wargaming

Wizards of the Coast

Carpenter, Kathy
Senior Attorney at Wizards of the Coast

Wooga / Playtika

Zimmer, Cordula
Head of Legal at Wooga / Playtika

X-FLOW Games

Ponomarev, Aleksey
General Counsel at X-Flow Games

Yotta Games

Qiu, Shi
General Counsel, International at Yotta Games


Hoque, Rukshana
Associate General Counsel at ZeniMax
Parente, Marion
Associate General Counsel at ZeniMax