Industry attendees at Games Industry Law Summit 2023

This year, 5% of the Summit’s attendees are ‘industry hands’. More often than not, they are lawyers by training – but focus on business or management (which is one of the three classic pathways for any good lawyer, let’s face it: you evolve into ‘legal and business’, ‘legal and HR’, or ‘painting landscapes’).

This small but very diverse group includes investment bankers, industry consultants, executives who work at platforms, regional or global studios – as well as representatives of industry associations and trade offices, plus an occasional professor of games law (or two). 

Currently, we have 19 industry attendees representing 17 organisations from 10 countries. We’re especially thrilled to welcome two attendees from 🇿🇦 South Africa, connecting the community with one of the most interesting – but also, one of the least explored! – industry clusters.

Special icons in the list:
🌳 – Super Pass holders (here’s the report on the birdhouses deployed in 2023)
🎙 – Speaker (updated as we develop the program)


24 Bit Games

Koornhof, Pieter
Chief Operating Officer at 24 Bit Games

Aream & Co.

Prabhakara, Kartik
Founding Partner at Aream & Co.
Sarangi, Anjan
Vice President at Aream & Co.

GameBiz Consulting

Čavić, Nikola🎙
CEO at GameBiz Consulting

Moon Active

Ermolenko, Andrew
Site Manager at Moon Active


Sunner, Nav
CEO & Founder at Navatron


Hall, Nick🌳
Business Development Manager at RenderHeads

Shiro Games

Bonazza, Stéphane
SVP Business Affairs at Shiro Games


Shchuiko, Artem
Business/Operations at SNEG

X-Flow Games

Veremeev, Alexander
Head of UK office at X-Flow Games


Queen Mary University of London

Dimita, Gaetano
Senior Lecturer in International IP Law at Queen Mary University of London
MacDonald, Michaela
Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London



Vetere, Gina🌳
SVP & General Counsel at ESA


Alexandrou, Alexandros
IP Specialist at EUIPO


Hentsch, Henner🌳🎙
Legal Counsel at game

Mobile Games Intelligence

Delany, Luc
Chairperson at Mobile Games Intelligence

Swedish Games Industry

Strömbäck, Per🎙
Head of Secretariat at Swedish Games Industry


von Petersdorff, Lorenzo
Deputy MD / Legal Counsel at USK


Becker, Ann🎙
Head of Policy and Public Affairs at VideoGamesEurope