Bidstack Group

Garvey, Dave
Chief Legal Officer at Bidstack

Build a Rocket Boy

Burnham, Richard
Senior Legal Counsel at Build a Rocket Boy

CCP Games

Högnadóttir, Steinlaug
Legal Counsel at CCP Games

Frontier Developments

Campbell, Jake
Senior Legal Counsel at Frontier Developments

Fulqrum Games

Gruca, Michał
Legal Counsel at Fulqrum Games

G2 Esports

Scheyer, Olivia
Junior Legal Counsel at G2 Esports

Keywords Studios

McCarthy, James
Senior Legal Counsel at Keywords Studios
Tierney, Lorraine
Commercial Counsel at Keywords Studios

Leadstar Media

Almeida, Rafaela
Head of Legal at Leadstar Media


Gorman, Claudia
General Counsel at Miniclip


Sheridan, Deirdre
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Mistplay

Moon Active

Ziv, Yuval
Compliance Officer at Law at Moon Active

Natus Vincere

Stolbova, Masha
Chief Legal Counsel at Natus Vincere

People Can Fly

Czerepak, Kamil
Corporate & Securities Legal Counsel at People Can Fly


Shyshkarova, Tatsiana
Head of Legal at Playgendary

Riot Games

Barrera Cano, Laura
Privacy Professional at Riot Games


Yaryna, Anita
Senior Legal Counsel at Roosh

Sumo Group

Dempsey, Anna
Senior Group Lawyer at Sumo Group
Hardman, Charlotte
Senior Group Lawyer at Sumo Group

SYBO Games

Toft, Signe
General Counsel at SYBO Games


Smirnova Evgenia
General Counsel at TAPCLAP


Ewert, Jan-Peter
Legal Counsel at Valve Corporation